Troy Lee Designs and Troy Brosnan have announced that they will discontinue their 5 year partnership effective Dec 31, 2014, at the end of the current contract.

It is never with great pleasure you write a press release about a partnership coming to an end, but, knowing things are ending on a positive note, with many wins and a lot of great product development, it does make it a bit easier to swallow. Troy Lee was first alerted to Troy Brosnan when his longtime friend and current TLD athlete Sam Hill told him about a young ripper from Australia that should really be a part of the TLD family. In 2010 when Troy Brosnan was brought to the Monster/Specialized race team, TLD became his helmet of choice, which later evolved into a apparel and protection deal the following seasons.


Troy Lee, the owner of Troy Lee Designs talks about when he discovered Troy Brosnan: “When Troy joined our team 5 years ago, I couldn’t believe how fast he was, just a little shredder with a great style, low and fast seemed to be his trademark. There really was some magic on that team with Sam, Brendan Fairclough and Troy, pushing each other all the time, practicing with together, coming into the shop here, super cool and I am glad to see all the boys have evolved into other programs so well. Mountain biking is one big family, so knowing we will still see Troy Brosnan at the races is cool. We wish the best to Troy and hope he picks up where he left off, in Fort William this year, winning world cups, good luck man!”


For the 5 years Troy Brosnan was with the TLD brand, they shared a lot of great moments, from his first junior world title in 2010, alongside teammate Sam Hill in Mt St Anne. Later, backing it up at the 2011 world championships in Champery, Switzerland, where Troy Brosnan won the downhill by over 9 seconds on one of the wettest, toughest tracks to date. Troy Brosnan suffered through a few injuries in 2012 and 2013, but came back stronger than ever-the way champions do. Seeing Troy Brosnan take his first ever senior world cup victory in Fort William this year and ultimately taking the leaders jersey in the UCI world cup series for a few rounds was a remarkable moment for the Troy Brosnan and the TLD family. Troy finishing the season with a career best, 3rd place overall in the series behind team mate and TLD sponsored athlete Aaron Gwin in the 2014 series, capped off an amazing season.


Troy Brosnan reflected on his time with TLD in a statement made from his home in Australia this week, “It has been so sick to ride for TLD all these years, together we accomplished some really good results and looked good doing it, I am sure I will still be running the TLD motocross kits for cross training on the moto [laughs] I enjoyed working with Troy Lee too, I love how much he is still in the mix and I know Troy and the gang are excited for my new opportunity, thanks for everything guys!”.