The Opening round of the World Cup series is just around the corner!

The first World Cup of 2015 is held in Lourdes, France – an old town that has potential for a really great track.


My off season leading up to this first round has been really good! My trainer (Scott Lampshire) and I have been working really hard on getting myself stronger and fitter than last year and I can notice a difference in the bike which is great, I can’t thank Scott enough.


I raced a couple of the Australian National Downhill rounds and placed first both times, then there was the Australian National Championships in Bright, Victoria. The track was really dusty and rough, I would have to say it’s one of the best tracks in Australia!


I ended up coming away with the win and claiming my 3rd elite men’s title, which makes me very proud to be wearing the Aussie sleeve on my arm for the World Cup series yet again. You can read more about the Australian National Championships in Bright HERE.


The Specialized team and I have been doing some solid testing on the race bike this off season, we have such amazing people around Aaron and I which has lead to finding new ways to go faster. The stacked off season full of testing and racing has given me a lot more confidence on the bike which is going to be key to winning this weekend.


Heading into the first World Cup this weekend, I am feeling ready and excited to be racing again with team Specialized.

Let’s go racing!

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