The Season is upon us yet again!

After the first World Cup was held a few weeks ago in France I have been at home in Adelaide training and getting ready to head overseas again.


My training has been going really well and I have been riding my Specialized Downhill bike a lot, you can’t beat seat time.


I feel one with the bike again, which is such a good feeling. I have been working together with ROCKSHOX to really dial in my suspension more and more.


This weekend I will be over in Fort William, Scotland for the well known British Downhill Series held a couple weeks before the iconic World Cup, It’s safe to say I love Fort William!


This will give me more practice on the track and help fine tune the Specialized bike before the World Cup gets underway!


As I look forward to the weekend of riding, it will most likely be in the mud, I will be staying with good friends Rory Cunningham and Reece Wilson in a motor home at the track! I’m going full privateer, it actually brings back good memories from when I started racing downhill!

Check back in to see how I go on the weekend at Fort William, British Downhill Series.

Be sure to check out onboard footage from Lourdes, France 2015.

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