Age: 21
Nationality: Australia
2014 rank: 3rd
Experience: 5 years elite
Current Team: Specialized Racing DH

Five podiums, six if you count silver at the Champs, made 2014 quite a season for the 1993 born Aussie ripper and sure as the devil, there’s bigger and better to come for Troy Brosnan. Rest assured that over the winter he has oscillated purely between the gym and the race track, at no point venturing near the hairdresser’s or even to a drunken friend who loosely claims they can offer a trim. Based on last season’s performances we can see Brosnan’s bike handling and fitness strengths seem to give him the edge on shorter tracks like Windham or the longer ones like Fort William or Mont St Anne. He was also looking a bit dangerous on those in between like Leogang, Pietermaritzburg and Hafjell. So…


PB: 1: Where and how have you been spending your off-season?

I have been spending my off-season at home in Australia, loving the sunshine and training a lot. I’ve been racing the Aussie national series and that really gets me ready for the World Cups. The first two rounds I won and it’s good to get that feeling and get some confidence going. – Troy

PB: 2. What was the highlight of your 2014 season and why was it so significant to you?

The highlight would have been winning my first World Cup! I have been dreaming of winning one since I first got into downhilling and it was almost a big relief winning it. – Troy


PB: 3. Was there a moment or period you considered to be your season ‘low’ and for what reason?

I think the lowest part of my season was at World Cup finals in France, I got a flat tyre in qualies and crashed in my race run. I was trying to go for the overall win but it just wasn’t falling into place for me. In saying that I still placed 3rd overall! – Troy

PB: 4. Are there changes you are looking to make to your approach mentally or physically for 2015?

Yes there are changes already, mentally I know that I should be finishing in the top 3 every race, and knowing I can do that will help me. And physically, I can only try to be fitter and stronger! – Troy


PB: 5. How have you split your time between ‘on’ and ‘off’ the big bike training?

Early in the off season I don’t normally ride my DH bike to much, but this year I have been riding the big bike a lot. I feel like riding it more will help me to go that little bit faster. I’ve also been doing gym work and a lot of time on the XC bike with some of my really fit mates and have seen a big improvement! Don’t want to give away all my secrets though!– Troy

PB: 6. When inspiration has run low lately, to whom or what have you turned to kick your motivation levels up a gear?

There is no individual that inspires me, I just see all the world class athletes winning and completing great achievements and want the feeling also! My motivation has been strong this whole off-season, I know what I have to do to be number 1 and there’s no short cuts getting there! – Troy


PB: 7. What bit of kit are you looking forward to using most at the races?

I’m really excited to be running all Specialized gear this year! We have been working on a new pant and jersey and it will be the lightest gear on the World Cup circuit. Keep an eye out! – Troy

PB: 8. Which rider do you see as the biggest threat to the 2015 title?

I don’t think there is one biggest threat, I think there will be at least 5 riders going for the overall this year! – Troy


PB: 9. Which race or single moment of the coming season are you most excited for?

I really can not wait for Fort William again! And also world champs is going to be so much fun! – Troy

PB:10. Complete the sentence: ‘I won’t be racing a single World Cup without….’

… a smile on my face! – Troy


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