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VIDEO: Fire: Fire breaks out at F.C.E Zaria

Fire: Fire breaks out at F.C.E Zaria

From Mustapha Muhammad Rajab

According to a report we received at around 10:05 am this Saturday morning a fire of unknown cause broke out at the Computer Department F.C.E Zaria.

Our correspondent spoke to one of the students at the school. “After we got out soon, we saw an ambulance, they were coming quickly and they started putting out the fire,” said student A’ishat S. Naseer. she goes on to say.

But the fire broke out in one lab, and it was a practical lab with many computers in it. It was upstairs and consisted of two classrooms, then offices, then two labs. I woke up angry that the lab was locked and no one was inside.
-Asshat A’ishat S. Naseer a student at F.C.E Zaria.

Upon completion of compiling this Report we received confirmation that the fire did not cause any casualties, except for property damage caused by the fire.

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